Description of the project

Codex Suprasliensis

Codex Suprasliensis (called also the Retkov Miscellany), a Cyrillic manuscript copied at the end of the tenth or beginning of the eleventh century, is the largest extant Old Church Slavonic manuscript from the Preslav literary school, First Bulgarian kingdom. It is one of the earliest testimonials to the reception of Orthodox Christianity among the Slavs. Handwritten well over 1000 years ago, the manuscript contains 24 vitae of Christian saints for the month of March and 23 homilies for triodion cycle of the church year. In content it is a lectionary menaeum (or panegyric), combined with homilies from the movable Easter cycle, most of which were written by or are attributed to John Chrysostom.

The Codex Suprasliensis Project

The Codex Supraslianis has been listed in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register since 2007. This project is intended to unite digital images of all three parts of the Codex Suprasliensis, currently located in three different countries: the National Library in Warsaw, Poland; the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg; and the National and University Library in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In addition to reuniting the parts of the manuscript, the current project aims to develop an electronic version of the Codex Suprasliensis, together with critical apparatus, parallel Greek text, translation, vocabulary, grammatical analysis, and tools for searching. The Codex Suprasliensis Project is aims to make it accessible to a global audience for the first time. Drawing on the expertise of leading scholars, curators and specialists in informational technologies, the Project gives everyone the opportunity to connect directly with this famous manuscript.